Saturday, 24 January 2009

Neither "ad hoc" nor "post factum"...

"What opinion should we have of a chemist, who, instead of studying the actual laws of the molecular changes in the composition and decomposition of matter, and on that foundation solving definite problems, claimed to regulate the composition and decomposition of matter by means of the “eternal ideas,” of “naturalité” and “affinité”? Do we really know any more about “usury,” when we say it contradicts “justice éternelle,” équité éternelle “mutualité éternelle,” and other vérités éternelles than the fathers of the church did when they said it was incompatible with “grâce éternelle,” “foi éternelle,” and “la volonté éternelle de Dieu”?" Kar Marx, Capital, Vol. I
I find this sentence quite spectacular, given the mainstream propaganda according to which Marx provided ad hoc explanations... sort of way to remind the Amsterdam Capital Reading Group - (, tchuss


  1. Nice quote! What chapter is it from?

  2. Hi, the quotation is taken from footnote 2, chapter 2 of Capital I, penguin classics edition. Marx is such a mine...